About Shira

Shira Salzberg is a certified Feldenkrais® and Child’Space® practitioner with 40 years of experience working with young children and adults. She recently added Pregnant Pauses® to her repertoire. 

Following the birth of her two sons, Shira became a local leader in La Leche League, an organization focused on breastfeeding support and education.  After her two daughters were born, Shira taught parent-toddler classes and creative dance to pre-schoolers.  Shira's love of movement led her to the Feldenkrais Method and inspired her to train as a practitioner.  When her three grandchildren came along, Shira's interest in early childhood development peaked again.  She studied the Child'Space Method with Dr. Chava Shelhav, the creator of the method and an original student of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.  

Her present goal is to share her practice with expectant mothers and with new parents and their infants, so that they can learn to live joyfully and move easily with coordination and balance.  


The Classes

In all of my classes people -- whether individuals, expectant mothers, or mother-baby pairs -- connect with themselves and with their babies through movement and touch.  In Pregnant Pauses classes, I lead you through a series of gentle movement explorations designed to create ease in your body and mind. Child'Space classes are an opportunity to nourish the bond between you and your baby.  I will teach you ways to support your baby's development through hands-on techniques and song.   

Benefits of the classes include:  

  • Moving more easily
  • Sleeping more soundly
  • Adjusting more comfortably to the changes in yourself and in your growing baby 
  • Learning the importance of what you observe in yourself and in your child



The Feldenkrais Method, developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is a revolutionary approach to understanding human functioning and to improving both physical and mental performance.  Dr. Feldenkrais considered the exploration process in early infancy, with its richness in trial and error, to be the most intensive learning process in life. Just as a child first learns through exploration and discovery, this method develops sensory awareness to help people recognize habits of movement and posture.  As adult students resume in some ways the work they did as children, they begin to improve the way they walk, sit, stand, and move.  They find new ease and coordination in the quality of their everyday activities.


The Child'Space Chava Shelhav Method takes its name from an approach to interacting that respects a child's spaceas a child is exploring on his or her own, and helps parents adapt to their child's pace and temperament.  Rooted in Feldenkrais theory, the Child'Space Method teaches parents how routine play and activities with their babies can stimulate developing motor, cognitive, emotional, and social abilities. In Child'Space, we nurture an essential part of babies' earliest learning: building their body awareness and their awareness of themselves in the world.  Involving the parents in the process is the heart of the method.

Pregnant Pauses

Pregnant Pauses is an innovative and engaging exercise program specifically designed for pregnant women.  You will learn to use and move your body in a gentle, comfortable, and effective way.  Utilizing the latest research in movement, Pregnant Pauses helps to alleviate pain and discomfort while increasing energy to provide an overall healthier pregnancy.   Alan Questel, the creator of Pregnant Pauses - Movement for Moms, trained with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.  The lessons are drawn from the Feldenkrais Method and adapted to help expectant moms feel more at home in their bodies throughout their entire pregnancy and beyond.